About Us

Fractal Net is a company specializing in providing reliable IT and data security services.

Fractal Net provides IT and web services, offering solutions  in the following areas:

  • Design and development of software and web applications
  • Business Compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Digital Marketing

If there is anything you should know about us is that: 



Our persistence in transforming every complexity into simplicity affects and defines us in various ways:

In the choice of our brand: In mathematics, physics and many other sciences there are some geometric shapes that characteristically repeat themselves in an infinite degree of magnification. This practically means that the original shape (if magnified) consists of infinite, smaller, identical shapes, that act as small details determining the end result! These shapes are often referred to as "infinitely complex" or "fractals".

In our culture: reflecting the passion for our craftsmanship! We treat each client's vision as unique, giving importance to the slightest detail (fractals) that can instantly transform it from simple to "infinitely complex". Besides, the complexity of a project is always a challenge for us and our creativity!

In our motto: "In order to provide simplicity, you must first understand the complexity of a project"


At Fractal Net we aim to stand next to you on your next project and find the best solution together to successfully bring your vision into the digital world. We don’t settle for ready-made solutions, we look into each customer separately so that the service we provide will be fully customized to accommodate his specific business needs.

Our mission
"To meet our clients’ business needs by designing and developing unique digital experiences for them and their customers"

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