E-Shop Design and Development

E-Shop Design and Development

Your eShop will work 24/7, 365 days a year!

For this reason, its smooth and uninterrupted operation, as well as its proper design in terms of both aesthetics and usability, is of paramount importance.


True to our mission to provide the most reliable solutions to our clients, we developed a system based on the strongest foundations:


The key to competitive differentiation. As each business differs from another, each eShop should, also, be able to provide the user with a unique image and different capabilities. At Fractal Net, we face each new challenge as unique! Always using the latest coding and design practices, we aim to offer innovative and exclusive solutions to our clients.


Our main concern, both functionally and visually, is to ensure that the end result is fully adapted to your own business needs and requirements as well as to effectively represent your business vision, culture and style. Based on these we can guarantee your investment in an application that includes the features you set!


Regardless of your business' activity, the user's device, the system's technology platform, we believe that "human-centric design" is the key to success. The easier the navigation, the more guaranteed the Return On your Investment will be. Our goal is to provide a high level of digital experience to each user.


FNeShop is an application designed for both small and large businesses.


The tools and technologies we use:


Web-based: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
Smartphones & tablets: Android, Apple iOS και BlackBerry
Desktop: MS Windows & Linux cross-platform client-centric εφαρμογές

Servers: Linux, Unix, Windows
Βάσεις Δεδομένων: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NoSQL
Search Engines: Apache Lucene, SOLR, Elastic Search
Development frameworks: Java Play, Velocity, FreeMarker, PHP, Symfony
User Interface: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Angular, jQuery, ExtJS, JSF
Message / Data format: XML/XSLT, JSON, AVRO