GDPR Business Compliance Services

GDPR Business Compliance Services. Certified expertise in providing solutions and implementing state-of-the-art data security infrastructures.

Fractal Net has certified expertise and outstanding experience in providing data protection services and solutions, ranging from expert advice to the design, implementation and operation of state-of-the-art data security infrastructures:


  • Advisory services at a regulatory level
  • Installation of new systems and technologies (such as Data Classification, DLP, Data Masking, Consent Management, IDM, etc.)
  • Configuration of existing systems according to GDPR requirements
  • Personnel training services by professionals specialized in data protection as well as data violation and loss management.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) services and audit support.
  • Project implementation for Business Compliance with GDPR


The GDPR- compliance services offered by Fractal Net are divided into 4 distinct phases:



Detailed mapping of the company's existing status regarding the legal and technological level of protection of personal data through the "mapping" of the processes, data flows and interdependencies



The process of outlining the conclusions of the first stage on the level of data management and protection and pointing out the potential "gaps" in terms of compliance conditions set by the GDPR from a legal and technological point of view



Preparation of an impact assessment study, if mandatory. A DPIA development is mandatory when there is systematic profiling of people, large-scale processing of "sensitive" data or systematic and large-scale monitoring of publicly accessible space



At the final stage, the Consultant ensures the integration of the proposed legal and technological measures for the protection of personal data based on the "gaps" identified by Gap Analysis and the conclusions derived from DPIA  in order to achieve the company's compliance with GDPR


After-sales support services
GDPR compliance is a continuous process and should be reviewed whenever necessary. If changes or new potential risks arise, when processing data, safeguards must be adapted to reflect the new conditions and meet the new requirements. Our company provides full support through defined and specific procedures for the continuous evaluation of objectives, measures and safeguards.

As a result, Fractal Net can provide support services, after initial implementation, either as an internal DPO consultant or as an external DPO-partner.